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ABI Resource’s Connecting With Employers Program supports employment for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities allowing them to earn an income and independently support themselves.

One out of every five Americans lives with a disability. ABI Resources is actively working to ensure that anyone who lives with this struggle is provided with the tools and resources needed to meet their educational, employment, and independent living goals.

We restore independence in the lives of those impacted by disabilities. We also work to ensure their schools and workplaces are accessible. Our team achieves this by working with companies who develop assistive technology and other resources to help those living with a disability meet their goals in these areas. We provide the tools, technology, and environments to support employment goals. We take action to help individuals with disabilities adapt to today’s world in a way that allows them to thrive.

We strive to provide knowledge and resources for those with sensory impairments, as well as educate the communities they live in so they can better understand the value of accessible technology. We work to find up-to-date information and share it to ensure they are aware of what they can do to incorporate assistive technology into their own businesses, educational institutions, and other areas.

Together we can work towards cures to make a difference in the disabled community.

You can show your support for people with disabilities by sharing with your community.