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The Most Frequently Asked Questions About EIP.


What is the Early Independence Program (EIP)?

EIP is an alternative education program specializing in independent living skills studies. The EIP program helps students attain independent living skills needs and earn school credits.  The purpose of the EIP is to provide students with an alternative that enables them try to return to the comprehensive school environment or to extend their school education by allowing them to begin independent living skills training with the goal of living a healthy functional independent life.  

Who can enroll in an EIP?  How do students enroll?
Students may be referred to the E.I.P program with the direction of their school district. They must be referred by a comprehensive school or alternative option within the district.  The counselor at the sending school will conference with the student and parent and explain the alternative options.  If the E.I.P. is selected the counselor will complete a referral and attach the appropriate document to the referral before sending it to the EIP through district mail.  Students will then be scheduled to attend an orientation.  All students must have a parent or guardian attend the orientation with them.  Orientation is approximately an hour and half in length.

How does EIP work?
Students are assigned EIP coaches and possibly a math teacher, depending upon whether or not they have met the math requirements for graduation. When working with an E.I.P. coach the student will attain independent living skills within their personal home and community. An EIP coach will assist a student during the school year and in some case if requested thought the summer vacation as well. If requested EIP scheduling matches the school districts calendar. Students will have the same vacation days, half days and snow day schedules. If a student needs assistance that may not follow the school district calendar, special secluding can be provided.

What happens during a student/EIP Coach appointment?
During the appointment, the EIP Coach reviews and/or gives assistance with current or previous independent living goals as collectively dictated by the student, school system and healthcare providers. Students do research and may work on technology skills, employment skills, financial skills, healthy living skills, social and relationship skills.  Students may also be participating in small group or individual instruction or group projects.

How do students get instruction in independent study?
It should be understood that there is no regular direct instruction in independent study.  The EIP Coach acts as a facilitator.  They rely upon the student being able understand verbal directions, make correlations and apply information.  The EIP Coach will assist and coach.  If students need assistance, they must be able to explain what it is they do not understand.

How often does a student have to meet with the EIP Coach?
The student is required to meet with the EIP Coach for a total of 25 hours per week.  EIP Coaches may require more time depending on need.   Students are required to complete a minimum of at least five (5) credits every four weeks (QW) to remain enrolled.   In order to earn 5 credits each QW the student must be completing an average of four (4) hours of each day Monday-Friday.  Some students work at a slower pace, which means they will have to put in additional study time.

Can students earn a high school diploma with the EIP?
Yes. EIP students must receive approval from the Unified School District Diploma.  Students must meet the same graduation requirements as any other high school in the district.

Can students continue their enrollment with the EIP after they are 18 years old?
Yes - If students are in good academic standing (completing at least the minimum required amount of work weekly), they may continue their enrollment after turning 18.  However, if 18-year-old student decides to sign out of the program they may not re-enroll.

Can students graduate early?
They must earn the credits to graduate.

If a student earns enough credits with the EIP, can he/she transfer at the end of the fall/spring semester back to the comprehensive school?
Yes.  The student will need gain direction from the school district first. The student then requests that the school district generate a return letter with appropriate documentation.  The letter is taken to the appointment the student has scheduled with the school counselor at the comprehensive school.  The student will be withdrawn from EIP when acceptance at the school has been verified.  Students deciding to return to the comprehensive school must stay there for at least one semester, before requesting return to the EIP.


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