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Focusing on health care roles such as Home Health Aide, Companion, Caregiver, ILST (Independent Living Skills Trainer), RA (Recovery Assistant), and more. These positions are available in various cities and states, indicating a wide range of opportunities within the health care and support sector. The roles listed are diverse, catering to different aspects of care and support for individuals requiring assistance, including those with brain injuries or needing home health care.
Here are a few key points from the job listings:

  • Positions are available in multiple locations, including Connecticut (CT), New York (NY), Rhode Island (RI), and Vermont (VT).

  • The jobs cater to various needs, such as companion care, direct care, home health aide services, and skills training.

  • There's an emphasis on providing support for individuals with brain injuries, indicating specialized care requirements.

For those interested in careers in health care, especially in supportive roles, this page offers numerous opportunities to make a difference in individuals' lives. Whether you're looking to work as a caregiver, a home health aide, or in a more specialized role like an ILST, there appears to be a range of options to explore. 

ABI Resources professional supported living and community care for people living with brain injury and receiving social services. CT ABI Waiver

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