Pre-Vocational and Supported Employment

    Individual employment strategies include but are not limited to:

customized employment, individual placement and support, and supported self-employment. Service activities are individualized and may include any combination of the following:

1. Benefits education.

2. Career exploration (e.g., tours, informational interviews, job shadows).

3. Employment assessment.

4. Assistive technology assessment.

5. Trial work experience.

6. Person-centered employment planning.

7. Development of visual/traditional résumés.

8. Job-seeking skills training and support.

9. Outreach to prospective employers on behalf of the member (e.g., job development; negotiation with prospective employers to customize, create or carve out a position for the member; employer needs analysis).

10. Job analysis (e.g., work site assessment or job accommodations evaluation).

11. Identifying and arranging transportation.

12. Career advancement services (e.g., assisting a member in making an upward career move or seeking promotion from an existing employer).

13. Reemployment services (if necessary due to job loss)

14. Financial literacy and asset development.

15. Other employment support services deemed necessary to enable the member to obtain employment.

16. Systematic instruction and support during initial on-the-job training including initial on-the-job training to stabilization.

17. Engagement of natural supports during initial period of employment.

18. Implementation of assistive technology solutions during initial period of employment.

19. Transportation of the member during service hours. 20. Initial on-the-job training to stabilization activity.

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Services include: Housing Assistance and
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Providing Disability Support Services Across Connecticut 

Services include Housing Assistance and Options, Supported Employment, Pre-Vocational Services, Job Coaching, Independent Living Skills Training, Cooking Skills Training, Companion Services, Connecticut Brain Injury Support Groups, Recovery Assistants, State Benefit Assistance, Arts Program, Music Production Program, Media Production Program, Assisted Living Services, Hygiene and Bathing Skills Support, Homemaking and Cleaning SkillsGroup Day Supports, Disability Advocacy, Residential Programming, Specialized Private Pay Brain Injury Support Staffing Options and much more.

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