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Recovery Assistant Services ( RA I and II ) 

     Recovery Assistance ( RA ) is a service that provides support for individuals with acquired brain injuries (ABI) to help them in their recovery process. The specific services offered through RA can vary depending on the organization or facility providing the service, but may include things such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, counseling, and support groups. The goal of RA is to help individuals with ABI regain as much function and independence as possible, and to assist them in reintegrating into their communities. RA is typically provided by rehabilitation centers, hospitals, or community-based organizations that specialize in ABI services.


ABI Resources provides proficient, results-driven Recovery Assistant Personnel services. Our Recovery Assistant Personnel provide the motivational education brain injury survivors and their families desire to support recovery needs. Our expert care Teams advance independence in all categories of life. They collaborate closely with families, physicians, therapists, and social workers to deliver a clear picture of progress and future needs. Recovery Assistant Personnel is consistently trained in nurturing personalized behavioral modification practices. Teams provide organized life services tailored to your unique situation. Your Team will support with the creation of a personalized balance program that is tracked and measured to promote self-sufficiency and safety among many other services. ABI Resources Recovery Assistant Personnel are Connecticut's most trusted, professional and compassionate support teams.​

STATE OF CONNECTICUT  – Recovery Assistant Services Description:


Promote the participant’s strengths and abilities to maintain and foster community living skills in accordance with therapeutic goals outlined in the participant’s plan of care. These include activities to improve socialization, self-advocacy, and the development of natural supports. Service also includes communication and coordination with service providers and others in support of the participant. Although not a primary function, ABI Recovery Assistants can provide help with ADL’s and have a role cueing with support of a med box for medications.


Recovery Assistant II Services Description:


Assists the individual with the support of non-medical assistance, and includes safety monitoring assistance with activities of daily living (hands-on and cueing) and integration into the community. These services can be provided in the individual's residence or in the community. Safety monitoring ensures supervision, health and safety for participants with cognitive deficits that interfere with awareness. 

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