Money Management Skill Training


     Anyone who needs help with understanding money management skills will benefit from ABI Resources’ supported living skills training. With practice and consistency, individuals will be able to understand, retain critical plans longer, and learn healthy money management skills.


You are in the right place if you:


     Have fallen behind in understanding loans, payments, debts, or any other money management topic.

Need an efficient way to learn money management.

Learn best with engaging auditory and visual tools.

Struggle with learning disabilities or learning differences.

Have trouble understanding your teachers.

Cannot access extra money management learning resources.


ABI Resources will help identify the topics that individuals need help with.

  • Watch and learn from life skills trainers, and fun videos, reviewing as needed.

  • Consistently reinforcing understandings and plans.

  • Confirm understandings through real-life experiences.


With this service, you will learn the answers to questions including:

  • Why is money management an important concept?

  • How are loans, payments, and debts are processed?

  • What are the steps in planning for daily living?

  • How do I create and use a budgeting plan?

  • What is involved with income, accounts, and credit?

  • How can I perform basic money calculations?

  • And much more.

There are numerous other independent living skills taught at ABI Resources. Some of the services include Planning for the future, Healthy Relationships, Living Well with a Disability, Positive Attitudes and Overcoming Barriers, Art Expression, and Money Management. These are just a few of the many supported living services that are available. If you or a loved one is interested in meeting with ABI Resources, we loved to talk with you.  

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Services include: Housing Assistance and
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Providing Disability Support Services Across Connecticut 

Services include Housing Assistance and Options, Supported Employment, Pre-Vocational Services, Job Coaching, Independent Living Skills Training, Cooking Skills Training, Companion Services, Connecticut Brain Injury Support Groups, Recovery Assistants, State Benefit Assistance, Arts Program, Music Production Program, Media Production Program, Assisted Living Services, Hygiene and Bathing Skills Support, Homemaking and Cleaning SkillsGroup Day Supports, Disability Advocacy, Residential Programming, Specialized Private Pay Brain Injury Support Staffing Options and much more.

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